hola, Mexico!

Hola, Mexico! Yep, this happened. We bit the bullet and did it. Some think we’re brave, some think we’re awesome and others think we’re absolutely nuts. In all reality, I guess we’re all three when I really think about it!  Something I see and hear a lot of is how vacationing with your kids is far from a vacation but I would like to disagree with that. If there is sun on my face, sand in my toes and some frozen fruity cocktail in my hand…that is what I call, a vacation. OH, and if I don’t have to cook or clean…for an entire week. Hell yeah! Helloooo holidays! It’s definitely a different kind of vacation than before children that is for sure but one that takes the cake in our books. Goodbye killer hangovers, hello blue-haired seatings! We just got back from the absolutely stunning Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and things could not have been more relaxing. The resort that we stayed at played a huge part in this as it was incredibly baby friendly. Seriously, there were babies EVERYWHERE. Along the poolside there were mommas nursing their babes quietly in the shade, with not a care in the world. It was just amazing. We stayed at Azul Fives by Karisma, which came highly recommend by the best wifey and travel agent ever (thanks Pamela Grenier at Flight Centre!)

From the moment we arrived, we were offered absolutely everything we would possibly need while vacationing with a baby. A stroller, high chair, bottle warmer, bottle sterilizer, huge selection of gourmet baby food, cribs of different sizes…you name it, they had it. And it all came included! With that being said though, I am VERY thankful I packed our own crib sheet, white-noise maker and pool floatie!

As most of you know, Hunter is no stranger to flying or traveling. Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Kelowna, Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Toronto, London (4 times!) and now Mexico. Where to next, sweetness? I guess you can say we’ve been just a bit busy on my maternity leave! This was Hunters first international flight so it definitely came with its challenges. Waking up at 4:00am to race to the airport, only to find our flights being delayed by two hours was how our trip began. C’est la vie! When we finally boarded, there were about 80 free seats which meant everyone basically got their own row to kick back and relax in. Very pleasant surprise! Hunter has been at this stage where he refuses to nap pretty much anywhere but his crib, so that made for a very long travel day but he was still such a good little traveler. Full of energy and just checking everyone out as if they were all there to solely entertain him and only him (cool it, kid!)

We wanted to keep our days super chill and be mindful of little mans much needed two naps. If he didn’t get those naps in, night time sleep was a write off so we tried our best to make sure he got his daytime zzzzzz’s. And it worked out awesome because he slept like a friggin’ CHAMP the entire trip. Yes, babies are SO adaptable but one thing we have noticed with our dude is that we can’t be too flexible on his naps; it’s just not worth it with the turmoil it causes at night. There were some days he was able to nap by the pool in his stroller despite the Y-M-C-A blaring through the poolside speaker (lol!) which was awesome but for the most part, we’d try to get back to the room. I’ll admit, we did splurge a little bit on our room so we could enjoy an incredible rooftop area, that we lounged around at while peanut was sawing logs. It was worth it for us because we knew sleep was a MUST on this vacation – for all of us.

Every day we walked along the beach, lounged by the pool, went out for a nice dinner, and even made it into town for an afternoon of exploring and lunch. One day, we even got to spoil ourselves with a couples massage on the beach! You’re probably wondering where our little sidekick was…He was either in one of our laps or being swung around in a hammock by a lovely local woman. It was absolutely priceless!

Honestly, it was the perfect trip and one I think we needed as a family. Parenthood is no joke. It’s the absolute BEST thing ever but we all know, it’s exhausting. For both moms and dads (anyone else out there think new daddy’s don’t get the respect they deserve from society/certain people? It’s a super difficult transition for them too!) Especially when it’s just us three peas in a pod, we deserve a little break from our daily life! We all do, including you! Most of our  “vacations” are spent flying back to Ontario to see family and friends which is pretty awesome but it is not exactly…relaxing. Fun…Absolutely! Getting to share Hunter with our loved ones…Priceless! But nonetheless…Exhausting! We will continue to explore and travel with our peanut and enjoy each and every day to the fullest, wherever we are.

Hmmm…now where to next?! We cannot wait for the warmer weather to roll around and for us to get out and do some more road tripping and camping this summer! Winter, you’ve been beautiful but it’s time…you need to leave us now, thanks!

As always, thanks for reading!