Hey! I’m Jane, the creator and author of Stilettos To Strollers, a complete blog devoted to all-things motherhood, at least that’s the way I see it! When I say “complete” I can’t help but immediately ask myself, what does “complete” mean to a wife and mama like me? My life as a loving wife to my wonderful husband and an obsessive (overly?) loving mom to our sweet four month old son, Hunter, is absolutely friggin’ amazing. Would I dare say my life “complete”? I don’t think so! When is life ever really complete? Is it ever really complete? We still have so much to do, to see, and to experience, at least in our little family!


Meet our sweet boy, Hunter

Confession, I have always wanted to start my own blog but haven’t been motivated or confident enough to actually bite the bullet and do it. Becoming a new mama gave me a burst of motivation, confidence and a lengthy list of discussion topics so I thought to myself, why not now?  Just like that, Stilettos To Strollers was born. You may (or may not) be thinking why did she choose that name? Simply put, I decided to trade in the chaotic and very corporate 9 to 11 hour work days for the even more chaotic 24/7 actual full-time job as a mama. The stilettos I once loved and wore 5 days a week have been traded in for my favorite pair of running shoes, yoga pants and spit-up covered top. (Maybe my boss will allow this new work attire once I return?!)

Full disclosure, I am by no means, an expert on ANY of the subjects I choose to write about (mostly life as a mama, is ANYONE out there an expert on this?! If so, please tell me your secrets!!) I simply enjoy talking about them and hope that you enjoy it, and maybe even take something positive away from it!

Come learn, laugh, vent and even cry with me (will these hormones ever simmer down a notch?!) as I write about motherhood (parenthood), health, favorite recipes and the roller coaster ride of being a new mom.

Thanks for reading, mamas!