baby talk | but isn’t he too young?

Isn’t he too young? This is a question...(really, more of a comment) that I hear from time to time that makes me wonder. It makes me wonder many things but most often, makes me wonder why some people think parenthood is a free-for-all on commentary (I thought pregnancy was bad for this! Little did I know that was just a warm up!)

Our sweet little guy was a teeny, tiny 9 weeks (my heartstrings!) when we decided to take him on his first plane ride to meet his fan-club anxiously awaiting to get their hands on him. We spent days organizing, packing and trying to get as much rest as we could before heading back to the Motherland of Ontario for the first-time as a family of three. We were nervous about flying for the first-time with our peanut but were way more excited about introducing our little love to all of his family & friends.

We had so many comments from slightly terrified and hesitant people on our flights when they saw how fresh he was – “isn’t he too young to be flying?” No…no he isn’t. I will be honest, if we didn’t have our families living in another province, we probably wouldn’t be racing to get on a plane with a newborn but this is our reality so we didn’t hesitate for a second.  This was something that was super important for everyone – our little babe, my husband, myself and of course, everyone in our family! You’re only a newborn once, so damn right we were boarding that plane! In our two experiences flying home, both were very successful. If he wasn’t sound asleep in my arms, he was quietly feeding under my nursing cape and not a single person knew he was even there! He also can’t talk back to us right now and say “no, I don’t want to do that!” (as if he’d ever do that, right???)  so we are obviously taking advantage of this precious, easy-going time while we can.


Since travelling has been relatively smooth for us, we decided to tackle our first major family road trip a few weeks ago. We drove from British Columbia to Alberta. Going there, was about 10 hours and thankfully only one stop to feed the wee one. If he wasn’t just mesmerized by gazing out the window, he was passed out oh so peacefully in his car seat. Ahhh…the sweet, sweet infant life! It’s seriously so tough, I don’t know how he manages!? This trip was honestly amazing. So, so amazing. Not only was this trip a first real holiday for our little family, I also got to knock an item off my bucket list.  Night one, we started the trip off at an awesome Airbnb night rental, right downtown Calgary. For the little time we were here, it was amazing. We spent Friday evening catching up with our good friends and meeting their adorable new baby boy! The following morning, I woke up to my dear husband standing in the doorway, with the BEST cup of coffee I have ever had in my entire life. I cannot thank Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters enough for that cup of joe, I will literally never forget it! We walked around downtown Calgary for the rest of the morning before meeting up with our friends at the Calgary Zoo. Man, was this ever fun! I’m pretty sure the babes slept through most of this, but us parents seriously had the best time ever. We spent the night at our friends place (the most gracious hosts ever! Thank you Whitey’s!) before slowly making our way a little closer to home. For our third and final night, we decided to spoil ourselves and stay at Banff Springs Fairmont. We wound up getting surprised with an insane upgrade and Hunter had this massive room to himself, complete with his own parlour (seriously…this kid…) crib, stuffed animal and personal tote of baby toiletries! Long live the Rungius Suite! We spent the day roaming around the adorable, quaint streets of Banff, popping in and out of the tourist stores looking for the PERFECT souvenir to take home (which I now realize we forgot to purchase it…damn it!) The following morning, we hit the road to knock off that once untouchable item on my bucket list….Hellooooo Lake Louise! You are simply breathtaking and I will never forget you. Ever. This last stop was really the icing on the cake and an unforgettable way to end our little family vacation. I never in a million years dreamed that I would get to stand in front of Lake Louise, and here I was, in all my glory, with my husband and babe in tow. Does it get much better? Total dream.

I can’t tell you how many comments we got on this last leg of our trip…“isn’t he too young?” and “I hope he remembers this.” No he’s not too young for this and no, of COURSE he won’t remember this! We will have to do it again when he’s old enough to appreciate and understand the beauty of it all.

While the travelling part of things is easy for us at this stage, the whole beloved routine and sleeping at night thing can obviously get a little iffy (especially in different time zones)  but…that’s life and it’s completely worth it. We all adapt, we all have fun, and we all bounce back. He may be small, he may be very young but for now (and forever), we are enjoying making memories with our little love, whether he remembers them or not. We are filling that family photo album and our hearts with each and every memory we make. He will always get to look back on the album and hopefully think about how awesome his parents were for starting the adventures young (he will always think this, right??)

What are your thoughts on this? Is there such thing as them being “too young” for things such as travelling? Please share your thoughts with me 🙂

As always, thanks for reading!!


4 thoughts on “baby talk | but isn’t he too young?

  1. I don’t think he is too young. It is you who have to be energetic to do all this traveling and be well organized to pack and plan everything. If you are able to enjoy it; nothing can be better for a babe than happy loving parents.


  2. Definitely not. You are his mama and you know best. We were travelling with our son since he was around 9 weeks old. Everyone might have an opinion but at the end of the day it is your family and if you are into travel and want to show your little one pictures of him being places since he was a tiny baby than I think that it is sweet. My biggest regret with my first born is that we didn’t travel as much as we wanted. Now that we have my second baby boy (6 months) we have 2 holidays booked for this year alone:)


    • Thanks so much for your comment and reading my post! I always love hearing what other moms (and dads!) have to say about topics like this and it’s so refreshing to have positivity like yours! I couldn’t agree more and love that you and your family are taking advantage of travelling and making the most out of these precious times!

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