easy+healthy meal prep | yummy mummy bowl

This is the very first post in my easy + healthy meal prep series. I will be sharing some of our household go-to’s that are super delicious, healthy and best of all, EASY to make it large batches so you have leftovers for lunches and dinners.

I have ALWAYS loved being in the kitchen, ever since I was kid. Cooking and baking have been one of my favorite hobbies and a fun way to relieve stress and keep my mind (myself) busy. Before baby Hunter arrived, my husband and I spent about 6 weeks (usually one day a week) preparing healthy meals that we could store in the freezer so we didn’t have to worry about cooking in our early weeks as new parents. My mom was SO incredibly helpful during these weeks she stayed with us and ensuring we were well-fed however, once she left (I swear I’m not crying!) we wanted to be able to focus on our little family and not have ANY distractions from our new little bundle of joy. It was probably one of the best things we could have done for ourselves. We made tons of veggie packed soups + stews, gluten free lasagna (I’m celiac), zucchini muffins + some easy to snack on, nutrient packed little snacks.

Four and a half months into motherhood and the time I’m able to spend in the kitchen is still enjoyable but has definitely forced me to get much more creative (with HOW I cook & WHAT I cook!) There are nights when Hunter will just chill out in his baby chair or on his play mat while we cook & eat but other nights, I’m dicing vegetables and doing as much as I can while wearing him in his carrier. Needless to say, we like easy, healthy and YUMMY food in the Davis household!

One of my favorite things to do is to make a dinner that will be just as tasty the next day for lunches (sometimes even another dinner!) I wanted to share a recipe I recently created that is AMAZING for this!

Introducing the yummy mummy bowl…jam-packed full of protein, fiber + tons of nutrient dense ingredients:

2 cups of brown rice (quinoa works great, too! choose your favorite grain!)

4 cups of water

  1. Bring rice + water to a boil in saucepan before turning down to low for 35 minutes until rice is nice & fluffy. Once cooked to your liking, take off the burner, fluff with a fork, and let cool with lid on saucepan for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Prepare shredded or julienned raw carrots + purple beets, sliced cucumber
  3. Prepare a few handfuls of fresh, mixed baby greens
  4. Prepare garlic miso dressing; the creamy goodness that pulls this recipe together!


3 tablespoons white miso (also known as soybean paste; found in oriental aisle)

3 tablespoons rice vinegar (I like to use natural unseasoned)

3 tablespoons agave syrup (I’m sure honey would do!)

3 cloves of garlic (disclaimer: I looove garlic & have been known to overdo it, if you’re with me, do 3 cloves, if not, take it down a notch with 2 cloves)

1.5 tablespoons fresh ginger (peeled + thinly sliced)

1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice

3 tablespoon of water

1/2 cup of EVOO

*blend all ingredients in your blender/food processor until nice and smooth

5. Layer your bowl with your rice, then add a handful of fresh mixed greens, a layer of your fresh veggies & finally, drizzle this seriously delicious garlic miso dressing ALL OVER & ENJOY! I like to finish my bowl off with some sliced avocado!

NOTE: This makes about 8 servings and takes about 2 minutes to recreate for lunch and/or dinner the next day! Just be sure to prep extra veggies!

Processed with VSCO with fp1 preset

Being a new mom, I never take a warm, yummy meal for granted as there are days when I honestly forget to even eat if my little guy is demanding my full, undivided attention. It is SO important to make sure we keep ourselves well-nourished, especially when you rely on your body for feeding and nourishing a little one. I know I’m not alone when I say there are nights I am sitting down for dinner and realizing this is my first meal of the day! This is why meal prep and lots of snacks are super important in our household.

Do you find meal prep helpful for your family? What are some go-to dishes you like to make sure you get yourself (& your family) well-fed? Are there days when you’re sitting down for dinner and realizing it’s basically the first thing you’ve eaten all day, too?!

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you + your family enjoy your yummy mummy bowls!


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