mama talk | fighting fatigue

Throughout most of my final trimester of pregnancy, I had the absolute most horrific insomnia. My days would often start at 3:00am (no joke) where I would usually find myself aggressively cleaning, baking or cooking up a storm while my husband slept like a baby (a saying I now use very loosely!) I remember thinking to myself during these painfully long days when I would still be working full-time, that I could not possibly be more exhausted than this. People would often say to me “rest while you can before the baby arrives!” This was something that drove me crazy, how was a more than slightly OCD, insomniac preggo suppose to relax and rest? These two words simply didn’t exist in my vocabulary of life, neither before my pregnancy and certainly not during.

Fast-forward a few weeks to when baby Hunter made his big, long-awaited debut into the world. I was surprised with how much more tired I could feel after all, I thought I had maxxed out on the fatigued-scale in those final weeks of my pregnancy. BUT, this type of fatigue I was feeling was different, it was something that I could cope with (as if I had a choice!) I was running completely on adrenaline, day in and day out (honestly, I still am) While my hormones were still raging, my heart was literally bursting at the seams with love and joy for this teeny tiny, precious baby boy.

There were many ways that helped me fight off this fatigue during pregnancy and in these early postnatal weeks + months while my body adjusted to waking up every 2-3 hours to feed my little one. For starters, I DRINK TONS OF WATER. If you’re not a huge water drinker, make your water FUN by adding fresh lemon, frozen raspberries and a few sprigs of rosemary! Or adding cucumber for a simple yet refreshing flavor boost. The possibilities are truly endless for making your water enjoyable, find what one you like best and start chugging that H20!

Diet is also a major one for me. We always eat clean, healthy, wholesome food in our household but when I would get those irresistible pregnancy cravings (hello Cherry Blasters, Reese’s & Mini Eggs!) I would notice a HUGE difference in how I felt, mentally and physically. Mostly because, I had zero not much control when those cravings hit, and boy they hit hard! (Who am I kidding, I still don’t)

Don’t forget though, we ALL deserve to indulge and treat ourselves! Don’t ever skip out on this. You’re allowed to eat a bowl of popcorn for dinner while enjoying a bottle nice glass of wine. I certainly won’t judge!

Then there is my savior, who is there for me day in and day out, every morning (& mid morning) without ever letting me down…COFFEE! If it’s been an exceptionally early morning for Hunter & I, we will head downtown and treat ourselves to a gourmet coffee at a local coffee shop. It’s a great way to treat myself and an even better excuse for an outing, which we all desperately need!

Keeping up with my physical activities is the biggest for me. During my pregnancy, I continued to go to the gym a few days a week while obviously modifying workouts so I wasn’t overworking my body or the lil’ bun. I also swapped out my regular yoga classes for prenatal classes. My midwife encouraged me to stick to my routine although, it was NOT easy! It took a lot of motivation and determination to continue with it but I honestly felt so much more energized and at ease when I put the effort in. Now that I have a baby, it still isn’t easy to muster up the energy but it truly works wonders on my overall health and mental well-being; two key things (for me) in managing motherhood!  There are SO many ways you can get a little physical activity in your day! You don’t need to be a member at a gym, or a yoga studio, you can just lace up your running shoes and hit the streets (or trails – one of our fav things to do!) with your stroller or wearing your babe! It’s AMAZING what a little fresh air + natural vitamin D can do (for both mama & baby!) You know your body better than anyone and what it is capable of, do what is best for YOU and YOUR body! Always listen to it, especially when it needs a break.


Please lookout for an AMAZING mom & baby workout routine I am featuring on my blog VERY soon! 

BEST of all though for shaking that unmistakably foggy feeling of being a mom? Cuddling our sweet boy. Lots and lots of cuddling. This releases all those lovey dovey hormones that make me feel instantly calm and at peace, while making me forget all about the rough day or night we had (I wonder if Hunter will let me do this when he’s grown up?!) 

At the end of the day, we’re all tired. Whether you’re figuring out life with a new babe or have grown children. Embrace it, enjoy it & never take a day for granted. One thing I know for certain; it is TOTALLY worth it, every second of it.

Some of you may be surprised I didn’t mention “sleep while your baby sleeps.” I didn’t mention this for good reason; it’s near impossible for me. I just can’t do it! How would I EVER get anything done for myself or around the house if I slept while my little guy slept?! For me, that is just so far from a reality! If you can do this, I seriously envy you. Enjoy those naps, you absolutely deserve them!

Can any of you relate to my methods? What worked and didn’t work for you!? I want to hear YOUR secrets to fighting that ever so common mommy fatigue!

Thank you SO much for reading! It means so much to me!

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